Veterinary Rehabilitation Medicine

Physiotherapy in dogs and cats

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation are very important after surgical interventions or following traumas and in the recovery process of most neurological and orthopaedic diseases. They are also very useful to relieve movement problems associated to obesity and old age.

Our aim: to reduce recovery time and to improve the quality of life of our pets with the aid of the most advanced rehabilitation techniques, both manual and instrumental.
Rehabilitation considerably reduces recovery time and notably increases chances of improvement in our pets. A correct physiotherapeutic approach stimulates the activity of the cardiocirculatory and lymphatic system that contributes to reduce the inflammation and to increase ligament and tendon elasticity, avoiding atrophy and improving movement ability of the animal.
In our Rehabilitation Department we use manual techniques, such as manipulations, stretching, active and passive gym and therapeutic exercises. They are performed in an external sandy area of about 100 m2 that helps the functional recovery of pets suffering from orthopaedic and neurologic illnesses, due to any trauma and surgical intervention.

Head of the specialist unit: Dr. Claudia Ellena  
Collaborators: Dr. Lorenzo Mari, Dipl. ECVN (Neurology)


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