Veterinary Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Lameness, fracture and traumatic injuries in dogs and cats

The rigorous surgical methods and the use of the latest orthopaedic techniques and materials allow us to be a reference point for the most complex orthopaedical diseases of our pets.

Our aim: to accelerate recovery from joint and bone diseases of pets by adopting modern interventional procedures.

Dogs and cats of any age may become reluctant to move. They can present lameness for several reasons, including traumas, bone and joint developmental problems and systemic diseases influencing the muscoloskeletal system.
A careful orthopaedic examination performed by qualified experts, together with laboratory tests and advanced imaging studies (radiology, CT, MRI), allows to fully characterize the disease of your pet and to offer the most precise and accurate therapy. A lot of orthopaedic pathologies, such as hip dysplasia, can benefit from a variety of treatments; the best option is chosen according to age, stage and severity of the disease.

Our Orthopaedic Department includes a team of qualified experts that has the chance to operate pets in surgical rooms fully equipped and structurally identical to conventional human hospitals. Fractures are treated with the most advanced techniques deriving from paediatric orthopaedics and traumatology. Modern fixation systems such as angular stability plates and new external fixators, guarantee bone recovery and allow the pet to walk using the operated limb already following few hours from surgery.

Complete hip prosthesis, bone extension, deformity correction, ligament reconstruction and osteosynthesis of complex fractures are only some of the surgical techniques available for your pet.

Responsible of the specialistic department: Dr. Andrea Pratesi, Dipl. ECVS (Surgery)
Collaborators: Dr. Salvatore Roggio , Dr. Giovanna Salvatore


Orthopaedics and traumatology