Veterinary Ophthalmology

Eye diseases in dogs and cats

Similar to humans, our pets can also be affected by ocular problems.

Our aim: to prevent, to diagnose and to treat diseases seriously interfering with the eyesight and impairing quality of life.

We provide a complete diagnostic work-up and offer modern treatment modalities to cure eye diseases of different animal species, inlcuding dogs, cats, rabbits, other rodents and exotic animals. The most frequently encountered eye diseases in our animals are: corneal pathologies (ulcers, cheratitis, degenerations, keratoconjunctivitis), uveitis (intraocular inflammation), glaucoma, cataract, lens luxation, retinal disorders with eyesight reduction or blindness, palpebral lesions, palpebral and ocular tumours, traumas and congenital anomalies (present at the birth). 
We use MODERN DIAGNOSTIC TECHNIQUES, such as biomicroscopy, direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy, tonometry, gonioscopy and electroretinography. We also perform ocular ultrasonography, CT and MRI. 

Furthermore, we provide ocular examinations for the prevention of hereditary ocular diseases, in particularly useful for breeding animals. The examination is carried out according to ECVO-FSA standards, hence using protocols that are recognized in Italy and abroad. 

For more details visit the page ECVO-FSA CERTIFICATES

We are specialized in ophthalmic surgery that includes PALPEBRAL PLASTIC (for entropion, ectropion, palpebral macrofissure, palpebral ptosis, distichia, thraumatic lesions), CORNEAL SURGERY (for ulcers, wounds or corneal sequestrum) and CATARACT INTERVENTION (diabetic too) with artificial intraocular lens implants. 

Responsible of the specialistic department: Dr. Laura Barachetti, PhD, Dipl. ECVO (Ophthalmology)

Collaborators: Dr. Stefan Savov


The excellence of our specialistic medicine