Veterinary Intensive Care Unit and Hospitalization

Cares and monitoring in hospitalized dogs and cats

In order to provide best cares to any diseased pet it is necessary to have specialized hospitalization units. The Istituto Veterinario di Novara offers to our patients fully equipped hospitalization rooms and health care services 24/7.

Our department of Intensive Care and Hospitalization is composed of several large rooms to host dogs, cats and any pet with and without infectious diseases.

Our medical and paramedical staff, always present, guarantees assistance to all hospitalized animals that need continuous care. Parenteral hydration or drug administration, nutritional support, pain therapy, post-operative monitoring and rehabilitation are only some of the treatment options that can be offered. It is also possible to admit dogs and cats as "day-hospital", if they require more complex diagnostic workups and if stress reduction is a priority; indeed, because every single case can involve many specialists, it is often useful to accommodate the pet for the entire day to rapidly and efficiently achieve the diagnosis and choose the most appropriate treatment.

The communication and cooperation with the owner and the referring veterinarian are fundamental steps in our work. Every owner of a hospitalized animal has continuous contacts with our staff in order to be constantly informed about the clinical progress and expenses.

Responsible of the specialistic department: Dr. Marco Pesaresi 
Collaborator: Dr. Vincenzo Rondelli



The excellence of our specialistic medicine