Veterinary Emergency Service

Always and for every emergency in dogs and cats

open 24 hours 24
Tel. +39.0321.46001

As humans, also our pets too can be involved in emergency situation for which a rapid intervention is fundamental: the emergency room, open 24/7, allows prompt life-saving treatments.

The emergency room has its own entrance to allow direct access to the service. Three rooms are available to operate in any kind of emergency, medical and/or surgical situation, with lab and diagnostic imaging devices accessible to correctly manage any critical patient.

Poisonings, road accident traumas, bite wounds, cardiac or respiratory disorders, decompensated metabolic or endocrine disorders, neurological problems and acute infectious diseases are only some of the situations requiring a prompt assistance. In many cases surgical intervention is necessary, therefore two surgeons are available on call even during night time or holydays.

After receiving first aid assistance, our patients often need hospitalization and close monitoring. Whenever it is necessary, an intensive care unit, separated from the emergency room, is available to monitor and, if required, to mechanically ventilate animals in more critical conditions.

Responsible of the specialistic department: Dr. Marco Pesaresi 
Collaborator: Dr. Vincenzo Rondelli



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