Veterinary Dermatology

Skin diseases in dogs and cats

The dermatology and allergology specialistic service, in collaboration with an up to date test lab, is able to offer the most appropriate solutions for dermatological and ear disease treatment.

Our aim: to cure dermatologic and allergologic diseases considering both the patient requirements and its owner's needs. 

Dog and cat dermatological diseases are various and for many of these the clinical presentation is very similar. An accurate examination performed by an expert dermatologist is the only way to identify subtle differences that allow a correct diagnosis. 

The Department of Dermatology includes specialists of the European College Veterinary Diplomates (Dipl. ECVD) that have the skill to face the most complex dermatological problems. 
Besides the routine procedures, like hair and ear wax microscopic examination and skin and ear citology we can carry out, if considered necessary by the dermatologist:

  • Fungal and bacteriological culture tests and antibiotic sensitivity tests
  • Allergological tests in vivo and in vitro and allergen-specific immunotherapy
  • Video-otoscopies
  • Skin biopsies and dermatopathological analyses

The beneficial collaboration with the other specialties of our institution also allows adequate management of systemic illnesses with skin manifestations, such as:

  • Recurrent chronic otitis
  • Autoimmune and immune-mediated diseases
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Paraneoplastic syndromes

Responsible of the specialistic department: Dr. Giordana Zanna, PhD, Dipl. ECVD