Veterinary Behavioural Medicine

Dog and cat welfare, living with humans

Humans more and more often share their lives with dogs and cats, forcing them to live in a non-natural way. The knowledge of the ethological needs of pets can make happier this living together.

Our aim: to prevent and cure behavioural disorders of dogs and cats.

Sharing spaces and emotional experiences between humans and their pets force our little animals to adapt to a non-natural routine. Living close to humans has allowed them to face every day life without any care about predators and food, but, on the other hand, they have been forced to interact with humans more and more. It is very important to know the ethological needs of our pets, so that this cohabitation can develop peacefully.
Behavioural medicine helps owners to choose their mates, to start a common life respecting animal and human wellness and to create a correct relationship between them. This is known as behavioural prevention, fundamental for psychophysical health of domestic dogs and cats. If symptoms of a behavioural pathology are present (phobia of people or things, intra and inter-specific aggressiveness, hyperactive or destructive behaviour towards objects or inappropriate incontinence at home, etc) the veterinarian expert in behaviour helps the couple man-animal to overcome relational and managerial difficulties. The expert, by means of a behavioural examination or a simple talk and laboratory tests, can achieve a diagnosis and select the most appropriate behavioural or pharmacological therapy.

Responsible of the specialistic departement: Dr. Franco Fassola


Behavioural medicine