Exotic and non-Conventional Animals

Diseases of Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians

The experience developed by the staff of this Department in the management of some of the most important zoological collections in Italy and abroad, is the buttonhole of this division.

Our aim: to cure exotic pets with competence and commitment.


The so-called exotic animals are steadily increasing worldwide as pets. During the last years owner consciousness of these particular animals and of their needs has augmented, therefore quality of health services had to concurrently increase. Recently, we have realized that most of the diseases of exotic animals depend on their wrong management. It is therefore important to collect a careful case history and perform the most appropriate diagnostic work-up according to each individual need.


To correctly diagnose diseases of exotic animals it is crucial to have a deep knowledge of their unique biological characteristics. Therefore we use the most modern technologies such as ultrasonography, CT, MRI and, above all, endoscopy; the latter is essential in some zoological classes.

The great experience of our Department along with the collaboration of other specialists of our institution, allow us to provide the highest standard of care for most exotic pets.

Responsibles of the specialistic department: Dr. Manuel Morici , Dr. Salvatore Di Graci 


Exotic and non-conventional animals