At the Istituto Veterinario di Novara rigid and flexible video-endoscopes are available for esophagoscopy, gastroscopy, duodenoscopy, colonoscopy, rhinoscopy, laryngoscopy, tracheoscopy and bronchoscopy in dogs and in cats.

Endoscopies can be performed for diagnostic purposes, to identify the causes of gastrointestinal or respiratory diseases, since they allow to obtain biopsies and samples for histology and cultural tests, respectively. Endoscopies have also therapeutic purposes (e.g., foreign body removal, dilation of esophageal stricture and treatment of mycotic nasal infection).

Rigid video-endoscopes available at the Istituto Veterinario di Novara allow to perform mini-invasive surgical procedures, such as diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopies (abdominal endoscopy) and thoracoscopies, or arthroscopies to identify and treat causes of lameness in both dogs and cats.
Furthermore, the use of diode laser under endoscopic guidance allows to treat severe laryngeal pathologies, such as brachycephalic syndrome and laryngeal paralysis, in a less traumatic way. Mini-invasive surgical interventions performed with the aid of endoscopes permit a faster post-operative recovery compared to traditional surgical operations, with a reduction in costs and a sure advantage for animal wellness.

Rigid endoscopy is particularly applied in exotic species, above all in birds, for which it is considered a fundamental technique in diagnostic imaging. It is used for sex determination, coelio/laparoscopy, for both diagnostic and operative purposes.



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